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Balsams, syrups and teas based on healing herbs, berries and honey, created according to unique recipes, are present in the product range of the Gifts of Bashkiria.

Low-temperature manufacturing technology of balms – syrups allows you to extract and fully preserve all biologically active substances. As a result, their content is several times higher than in the plant itself.

Delightful aroma and invaluable health benefits are the main components of the gifts enclosed in the most valuable herbs and fruits collected in ecologically clean areas of Bashkortostan.

The company “Gifts of Bashkortostan” offers a range of health products based on Bashkir herbs: herbal tea drinks, natural syrups and balms, gift souvenirs. On our production base tea of various grades is packed: Indian, Ceylon, Chinese.

We are pleased to offer you to make tea or syrup under your own brand (logo). Now you do not need to have your own production to present your own product on the market. We will do it for you!

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